EXAM Mental Status

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I. Appearance - well groomed, well dressed.

II. Behavior - normal activity without restlessness, good eye contact, no sterotypical movements.

III. Attitude -

IV. Level of Consciousness - full or impaired.

V. Orientation to person place time and events

VI. Speech and Language - fluent with normal word finding.

VII. Mood - patients description -

VIII. Affect - seems to be -

IX. Thought Process/Form - Logical, Linear,

X. Thought Content - Appropriate to conversation, Focused on , Fearful of ,

XI. Suicidality and Homicidality Denies any thoughts of SI/HI

XII. Insight and Judgment - Intact insight, Judgment appears intact thus far based on initial responses

XIII. Attention Span - able to concentrate for duration of evaluation.

XIV. Memory - intact to remote and recent events pertinent to conversation.

XV. Intellectual Functioning - Average / Impaired

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