Exam Shoulder Pain / Rotator Cuff Evaluation

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Extrinsic Shoulder Exam: No AC tenderness, no scapular bony TTP. Proximal Humerous without tenderness.

Cross Arm Test - Negative (for AC pathology.)

Yergasons Test - Negative (flexion & resisted supination of forearm for bicep tendonitis)

Intrinsic Shoulder Exam: Full Passive Range of Motion, Full Active Range of Motion Grossly

Neers test for impingement: neg

Hawkins Impingement test: neg

Rotator Cuff tests: Lag test for full thickness: neg

Supraspinatous: Empty Can test: neg Painful Arc(impingement): neg

Subscap - Internal Rotation/Lift off test: neg

Teres Minor / Infraspinatous: Resisted External Rotation: neg


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