Eye exam

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Examination Elements

1. Visual acuity 2. Gross or confrontation visual fields 3. Extraocular motility 4. Conjunctiva :Bulbar and palpebral 5. Ocular adnexa :Lids :Lacrimal Gland :Orbit :Preauricular Nodes 6. Pupil and iris :Size, :shape, :direct and consensual reactions and morphology 7. Cornea — slit-lamp exam:Tear film, epithelium, stroma and endothelium 8. Anterior chamber — slit-lamp exam:Depth, cells and flare 9. Lens - Clarity 10. Intraocular pressure – Palpation of Globe 11. Optic nerve/discs Cup-to-disc ratio, appearance and nerve fiber layer 12. Retina and vessels

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