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Preterm – PROM (PPROM) 24 weeks to 33weeks 6 days

  • Latency Antibiotics
Prolong pregnancy, reduce maternal and neonatal infection, reduces age-dependent morbidity
Amp 2g IV q6 & Erythromycin 250mg IV q6 for 48 hours followed by Amoxicillin 250mg PO Q8 & Erythromycin base 333mg PO Q8 x5 days
Other regimens exist
  • Magnesium Sulfate for fetal neuroprotection
Should be administered between 24 and 32 weeks if risk of imminent delivery
Reduces cerebral palsy risk
  • Corticosteroids – a single course is recommended.
Reduces Neonatal mortality, RDS, IVH, NEC.
NO increase risk of maternal or neonatal infection
Do not give weekly
Not enough data to recommend for or against a rescue course
  • Expectant Management
Tocolysis NOT recommended
  • GBS
Should receive GBS PPx intrapartum if candidate
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