Pregnancy Exclusion Criteria for IUD/Nexplanon

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Pregnancy can be reasonably excluded if a client answers YES to any of the following questions:

1.Have you abstained from sexual intercourse since your last menstrual period?

2.Have you had a normal menstrual period within the past seven days?

3.Have you been using a reliable form of contraception consistently and correctly?

4.Have you had a miscarriage or abortion within the past seven days?

5.Have you had a baby within the past four weeks?

6.Have you had a baby within the past six months AND are you fully or nearly-fully breastfeeding AND have you not had a menstrual period since the delivery?

A systematic review of studies evaluating the performance of a pregnancy checklist compared with urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy concluded the negative predictive value of a checklist similar to the one above was 99 to 100 percent.


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