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For All:

1. Get up to date on routine immunizations

2. Country specific Vaccine Recommendations

Vaccine Certification Booklet

US State Dept CDC Location Lookup Look up your destination for advisories.

3. Ensure enough chronic meds have been given / picked up. Have an emergency plan in place if meds are lost

Specific Issues

1. Travelers Diarrhea - Take Pepto Bismol 2 tabs QID for duration of trip to prevent, 2. Immodium OK in slowing down if no hematochezia/fever. 3. Antibiotic Rx - Cipro 500mg PO q12 x2 doses. or Azitromycin 500mg PO q24 1-3 doses (esp in SE Asia).

2. Malaria Prevention -

CDC Malaria Prophylaxis
WHO Malaria PPx (out of date)
AAFP Malaria Prevention

General Recommendations: DEET, Permethrin clothing, A/C in buidings, Mosquito Net for sleep.

3.Altitude Sickness - Acetazolamide 125mg POD Bid x3 days, start 1 day prior to ascent.

4. HIV Endemic Area - consider HIV PPx if working in a high-risk setting. tenofovir/emtricitabine (Truvada; 300 mg/200 mg) plus one tablet twice per day of raltegravir (Isentress; 400 mg).

5. Zika - don't get it.


AAFP Pretravel Consultation 2016

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