EXAM Comprehensive Eye Exam

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1. Visual acuity - Intact to fine print

2. Gross or confrontation visual fields - Full and Intact by confrontation

3. Extraocular motility - Full in both eyes

4. Conjunctiva - Bulbar and palpebral pink without lesions

5. Ocular adnexa/ Lids/ Lacrimal Gland /Orbit /Preauricular Nodes - All nontender

6. Pupil and iris Size in mm:shape ovoid / irregular / direct and consensual reactions and morphology

7. Cornea — slit-lamp exam demonstrates clear cornea without abrasion. Tear film, epithelium, stroma and endothelium appear intact to dye / no dye

8. Anterior chamber — slit-lamp exam demonstrates normal depth Depth, No cells and flare. Perpendicular light demonstrates no bulging of iris.

9. Lens - Clarity - clear to light without significant cloudiness.

10. Intraocular pressure – Palpation of Globe - soft to touch & symmetric bilaterally.

(Nondilated Fundoscopic Exam is suboptimal)

11. Optic nerve/discs Cup-to-disc ratio about 0.3 (higher may represent glaucoma)

12. Retina and vessels - without spots/ lesions. No copper wire or abrupt cessation of large vessels.

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