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mdEBMwiki - EBM Resource for the Point-of-Care.

  • This page is designed to be a "quick reference" for up-to-date & evidence-based practice at the point-of-care.
  • Suggestions ideally should help streamline practice.
  • This site is NOT to be used as a primary source, but more as an online notebook or repository of useful facts.
  • Try to make the content "Copy & Paste" friendly for ease-of-use in EHRs.
  • If you decide to make an addition, please include a reference even if not a complete bibliography.
  • Information here should be used as a guide & should not be used as a substitute for clinical judgment.
  • To convert .doc to jpg to upload to this site, go here.
  • Brevity.

* Every effort should be made to link to original content to give authors credit & also so editors can keep content up-to-date.

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